Voice Demos

No matter if you are a seasoned professional, or new to the world of voice acting, it is very important for your career that you have the best possible voice demo.
I have coached, recorded and produced close to 100 voice demos and have seen many careers flourish as a result. I work closely with agents and directors to make sure that the voice quality and production are what will best represent you in the current market.
The process is quite simple: We start by deciding which type of demo would be best to work on first; commercial, narration, animation, video game, accents, languages, etc.. Then, we work together to find material that we feel highlights your particular talents, as well as hitting all the necessary voice-demo-bases.
Next, we book a two-hour studio session where we record your demo to industry standards, on the highest quality equipment available. If you aren't used to being in a studio, this will also serve as a great time to ask questions about studio etiquette, mic technique and will be a great in-studio trial run for when you are booking paying voice-gigs.
Once the demo has been recorded, I work on the post-production side of it – editing, sound design, scoring, mixing, etc. When it has all been produced to sound just like real high-budget projects, you then get a chance to choose the order and make one last editorial pass. Finally, the master print is made which you and your agent can use to sell your talents.

Tom Mullins